Greetings to you, traveler, be you fair Elf or gifted Mortal. I bid you welcome in my realm, even as I depart from it.

I am Finrod, son of Finarfin, son of Finwe the first High King of the Noldor in Eldamar that is in Valinor. I am known also as Felagund, the Lord of Caves, and I am the chief web server for the house of Silmemar — the Starlight Home of Kai and Anne. Should you wish to explore my domains, please feel free; they are:

Once, I also hosted Anything That Moves, the magazine for uncompromising bisexual, but it has now passed on into mortal hands, who cherish it and keep it alive for the eyes of bisexuals to come in later days.

I also handle email for all these domains. If you’re one of the users of these domains, you may whisper unto me the secret words by which I shall know you, and be admitted to the inner realms of those places. There, you may select new secret words, change the filtering of your email, and perhaps do other things.

What is your name?

And your secret word or phrase?

You might also wish to visit my sister, the lady Galadriel. In her library, she keeps many useful pieces of lore and wisdom, as well as much music and song. Be kind to her, and respectful of her wisdom.

portrait of Finrod

About Finrod Felagund

Finrod’s natur­ally a pretty mod­est guy, and so he’s not tel­ling you all about what he’s famous for. He was a King of the Noldor in Beler­iand in the First Age — if you’re fami­liar with the events of The Lord of the Rings, this stuff all hap­pened about 7000 years before that.

He was the first among the Elves of Beler­iand to meet Humans; he taught them much, ar­ranged deals with other Elven kings to give the Hu­mans lands to set­tle in, and was ac­cord­ed the title “Friend of Men”.

When the Human Bar­a­hir res­cued Finrod dur­ing a ma­jor bat­tle, he swore eter­nal friend­ship and aid to Barahir and all his line, giv­ing his ring to Barahir as a token. When Barahir’s son Beren came to seek Finrod’s aid in re­triev­ing a sil­maril from the Iron Crown of Mor­goth, Finrod wil­ling­ly joined Beren’s quest, though he knew it would cost his life.

He gained the name “Fela­gund” (from the Dwarv­ish for “Hewer of Caves”) from his con­struc­tion of the under­ground for­tress of Nargo­thrond, which was to serve as a bul­wark against the evils of Morgoth.

In all his deeds, Finrod was a uniter, seek­ing to bring people to­gether and build peace. He was long remem­bered as “the fair­est and most beloved” of the wis­est noble house among the Noldor.